Our vision is to promote sustainable investment strategies using ESG factors. Without limiting your investment choices, ESGA guides you into the world of responsible investment (RI). ESG factors vary from company to company and we have the resources and unique experience to identify material ESG factors that help you identify superior business models or hidden opportunities that ultimately can create better long term returns for investors and a better future for our children.

Know The Difference

Responsible investment is about using ESG factors to enhance returns, mitigate risks and find opportunities. Other strategies such as socially responsible investing (SRI) use ESG factors to align moral or ethical values of the investor before considering financial return. Both strategies benefit future generations but have very different motives. This is confusing to investors. Visit our Blog post about this, but explained simply:

  • Responsible investment (RI) – Enhancing financial returns using ESG factors.
  • Socially responsible investment (SRI) – Aligning morals with your investment.
  • Impact Investing – Creating a measurable impact, financial returns secondary (this is often confused with SRI).

Let Us Navigate For You

ESGA will design a RI program that meets the needs of fund managers and its investors including helping management develop ways of managing ESG factors that identify (i) potentially material ESG risks, and (ii) ESG-related opportunities. Beginning with senior management, ESGA develops a framework to incorporate ESG factors into the investment process. Building on that framework, ESGA helps managers over time develop sophisticated RI programs. The long term goal of using RI to enhance long term returns, mitigate risks and identify opportunities. And yes, also making the world a better place to live.