Let’s Take That First Step

ESGA offers managers a low-cost entry point into the world of ESG investing. Each engagement is unique, and therefore, ESGA starts every ESG journey by listening to the needs of management in the context of their operations. This allows us to best customize our approach and tailor services to meet our clients’ specific ESG goals.

ESG Services:

ESGA provides the tools required by creditors, investment managers and asset owners to develop, implement and maintain their own responsible investment program.

ESG Services include:

  • Developed pre-investment and post-investment ESG strategy
  • Become a PRI signatory and SFDR compliant 
  • Create a process for the collection and reporting of ESG data
  • Report on portfolio companies sustainable business practices
  • Outsourcing: data collection, report generation, ad hoc services

ESGA supports all major ESG principles and frameworks  including PRI, SASB, TCFM and GRI.

Carbon Accounting Services:

Your portfolio’s carbon footprint is the starting place in any climate reduction strategy. By calculating portfolio emissions you 1) support your investors carbon reduction strategies, 2) demonstrate the connection between carbon and asset valuation and 3) support the future of our planet

Carbon Accounting services include:

1) Calculate each investment’s scope 1 & 2 emissions, establish benchmarks & targets, calculate portfolio-level metrics and provide third party verification.

2) Calculate management company’s scope 1, 2  & 3 CO2 emissions and offer strategies to become a “Net-Zero Emissions” company.

ESGA supports all major frameworks including TCFD, Greenhouse Gas Protocol and PCAF.