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About Us

ESG Administration LLC (ESGA) was founded by Joe Holman in February 2019 and is a Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) signatory, and is an AICPA member firm.

ESGA works exclusively with alternative investment managers and has experience with credit, real estate, private equity, and hedge fund strategies. As of December 2020, ESGA has helped advise over $20 billion of AUM on the benefits of responsible investment.

ESGA provides integration, monitoring, and support services for investment managers, asset owners, and stakeholders. Our mission is to provide timely and relevant information to clients using the most appropriate ESG and Carbon Accounting investment frameworks that best meet each client’s needs. ESGA supports all major ESG and Carbon frameworks, including PRI, SASB, GRI, TCFD, and PCAF.

Joe Holman founded ESGA and has over 25 years of experience in the financial services arena. He holds an MBA is a CPA, a SASB FSA Credential Holder, and has obtained his GRI Standards Exam Certificate. Hr Holman is a member of the AICPA and GRI Community. He is an industry expert, a published author, and an active PRI signatory.


Joe Holman

“My experience provides a unique perspective
on what matters most to asset owners and their investors.”

Why ESG?

Managers that understand the importance of ESG information know that good business also means good sustainable business practices. Using ESG factors they enhance their returns, better manage risks, increase enterprise value and yes, at the same time make the world a better place to live.

While there’s no magic formula to avoid catastrophes, bad management or negligence, etc, we believe incorporating ESG analysis into the investment decision can help mitigate substantial risk and improve long term returns.


Our vision is to promote sustainable investment strategies using ESG factors. Without limiting your investment choices, ESGA guides you into the world of responsible investment (RI). ESG factors vary from company to company and we have the resources and unique experience to identify material ESG factors that help you identify superior business models or hidden opportunities that ultimately can create better long term returns for investors and a better future for our children.

Case Studies

There are numerous studies of managers integrating ESG factors in the investment decision-making process or situations where ESG integration could of helped managers steer away from high-risk investments.
Click to our case studies to see how ESG is being used in the market place.